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For the love of summer camp...
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This community has been created for the benefit of camp lovers everywhere! I hope it will be a place where people involved in summer camps can exchange ideas, share stories and experiences, be resources to one another, and learn about the workings of other camps around the world. Feel free to post! (However, please don't clutter the community with many posts that could be made as one.)

If you are new to the community (or just haven't done it yet!), please fill out the community polls! They can be found by clicking here. The information gathered by the polls may also be useful if you're looking for a new camp or wondering about where most people in the community attend camp, etc.

Check out the newly assembled Memories section! It's chock-full of old posts organized into categories for quick reference, and I try to sort posts into it as I see fit. Let me know if there is a specific post you would like to see archived in the Memories section.

Not sure how to join this community? Anyone can become a member! Just go to the top of this page and look for the link that says "To join this community, click here." It's just that easy!

Want to post camp photos but have no idea where to start? Click HERE to find out how easy it really is!


Important Updates!
As this community grows, privacy issues seem to be more and more of a concern. There is a lot of value in discussing all things that go on at camp, but many of these discussions can threaten camper or staff confidentiality. Even though this feels sometimes like a tightly knit little community, please do not forget that this is a publicly-accessible website! That means that should you post, for example, the words "Camp Leopard Spots", a camper Googling Camp Leopard Spots could potentially run across anything that you've written about that camp or camp experience. This could cause major problems for this community, your camp, and you, of course.

Some guidelines for posting in the community:

1. Don't ever post full names, or even real names. If you refer to a specific camper for any reason, please change their name for the purpose of storytelling, or use initials.

2. Do not use this community as a method of retaliating against anyone you have a personal beef with. In other words, don't spread gossip within the community.

3. Photos of campers should be posted only with the utmost discretion, if at all! Some camps have waivers for parents to sign allowing the release of camp photos of their children. Others do not. To be honest, I have no idea how the legal side of all of that works, and of course, privacy laws differ all over the world. At the very least, post camp photos in a friends-only post so that they are not accessible to the general public (although this is not always fool-proof).

4. Any posts regarding controversial topics, such as alcohol use at/during camp, abuse, drugs, sex, and rock 'n' roll (hee!) should be posted as friends-only (again, your privacy is not guaranteed with a friends-only post).

5. Please keep all posts on topic to the community. Quizzes and surveys (unless related to camp) are not appropriate.

Simply put, use your discretion when posting! Don't post anything publicly that you wouldn't want your campers to read. I certainly don't want anyone to feel afraid to post here, but I also don't want to see any trouble started because of a post someone made quite innocently.

I will usually ask the original poster to correct anything I see as threatening confidentiality. However, I also may decide to delete it immediately depending on content.


Contact me, Sara, at saracatgirl@yahoo.com with any concerns/questions/issues about the community! (I also moonlight as grammardog.) I try to "maintain" things as best I can, but if you see something you believe to be offensive or abusive in some way, PLEASE let me know!