pursuitof_love (pursuitof_love) wrote in camp_is_love,

Question for fellow counselors (and campers, too!)

Hey guys! I am going to be a 2nd year returning counselor at a wonderful all-girls camp in Texas, but I have run into some problems after I applied. First off, I applied too late. I tried to work for both terms to avoid really struggling to find a job, but I only ended up with one term - the 2nd term that goes from July to the first week of August. At first I figured: Hey, I will just get some job the first half the summer and just try to find something else after if I lose it because of camp. The director kind of went out of her way to give me the job- Im sure it would be annoying to her give it up after her effort.

However, I  think I am on the verge of getting a regular job that I might not be able to pick-up after a month of absence. I am torn between enjoying a month of camp versus risking losing my regular job if I ask to take leave for that amount of time.

If you where in my position, which would you choose? Thanks for any input!
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