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To supervise or not to supervise?

Hi! My camp name is Mongoose, AKA Goose, Mamagoose, Mongoozle, MG. (I prefer Goose of all of those. It suits me the best.) I've worked the last two summers at a Girl Scout camp in North Carolina, and this summer, I am venturing out of that camp, for a variety of reasons.

So, right now, I've had offers from two camps, and am waiting to hear from another. I'm having a really, really hard time making a decision. Maybe you lovely people could offer some insight? :)

Camp #1, Virginia
-Wants me for a program area director position (arts and crafts). Leadership role.
-Is paying $1800 for the summer
-Is coed, private, sleepaway, with one and two-week sessions all summer
-Would not involve cabin counselor duties (I think)
-Doesn't pay me to recert in CPR prior to camp. I don't have forty bucks to drop on said recert at the moment.

Camp #2, Maine
-Wants me for a combo arts and crafts counselor/cabin counselor. No leadership role.
-Is paying $2100 plus $250 to travel
-Is a private girls' camp, sleepaway, sessions are either 3-week or all summer long, from mid-June to mid-Augustish
-Would involve cabin counselor duties
-Will pay me to recert.

Camp #3, Washington
-Wants me for a unit leader position. Obviously a leadership role.
-Salary uncertain, but probably splitting the difference between the other two. I hope.
-Is a Girl Scout camp, mostly running one-week sessions.
-Would involve cabin counselor duties.
-Pretty sure they're paying me to recert.

Things I'm considering: nobody works at camp for the money, but I was making a little over $2000 after taxes in my old camp. I want to at least keep that. But I also really want a leadership position. I need to prove I can do it, and honestly? I like being in charge and I'm pretty good at it. I like arts and crafts and am very good at it, but I don't know if I want to be tied to a craft house all summer. Again. I think that I would have freedom to get away from the craft house in Virginia, and it's POSSIBLE I could in Maine. Honestly, I just want the chance to organize some MASSIVE games of Capture the Flag and stuff like that. Another thing to consider is that I was the ONLY crafts specialist at my old camp, and in Maine and Virginia both, I'd have to "share". I'm nervous about working with people who might hate me (there were groups of people who just randomly hated me at my old camp. I don't care, normally...but when they start making my job difficult, we have a problem. Yanno?)

So, based on all that...what would YOU choose?
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