cammokablammo (cammokablammo) wrote in camp_is_love,

Camp Job

Hi Everyone, my name is Cameron. I've never posted here before, but love reading all the entries about camp. I work at Camp Sky Ranch, a co-ed residential special needs camp in the North Carolina mountains. It is the most incredible place in the world and the most rewarding experience I've ever had. We have always had trouble finding qualified male staff and I was wondering if any of you (if you're male) would be interested or know of any gentlemen who may be. I think we are still accepting applications for all positions, so if you're a girl and are interested, I'm sure you can still apply. We are just in crucial need for the boys. The website is It's a six week camp starting June 22nd and ending August 2nd. You don't need to have experience with special needs populations or camp to be considered. If you have any questions at all, you can respond to this or see the website. This will be my 5th summer at CSR and I can't say enough about it. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!
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